BreederDAO & why you don’t want to miss it

How it all started…

The first game that really blew up the P2E market was Axie Infinity.
For those who don’t know:

So, what’s that guilds thing?

First of all, in order to play Axie Infinity users must acquire at least three characters. The price of Axies varies greatly depending on their qualities: the stronger Axie is, the more it’s worth and, accordingly, the greater the probability of winning.

BreederDAO and it’s purpose

The goal of BreederDAO is to facilitate interaction between players and game guilds, which in turn will attract even more people to the industry.

Smart money sees the potential

As icing on the cake, it’s important to note that BreederDAO was backed by such major market players such as: a16z, Delphi Digital, Com2uS Group, Hashed, Morningstar Ventures, Mechanism Capital and the others.

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