BreederDAO & why you don’t want to miss it

3 min readFeb 4, 2022

How it all started…

The first game that really blew up the P2E market was Axie Infinity.
For those who don’t know:

Axie Infinity is a trading and battling game that allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade creatures known as “Axies”, which are digitized as NFTs.” ¹

Through battles, players could receive two kinds of coins: Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS).

The winner of the battles receives SLPs. These tokens can be redeemed from a number of well-known crypto exchanges or used to breed new Axies in the game. AXS can be earned by participating in seasonal tournaments or selling characters. Withdrawing AXS, which is the governance token for Axie, is also possible.

Axie Infinity has gained tremendous popularity. In April, the game had 30,000 daily active users, but by August, that number had risen to almost 1 million. Moreover, Axie’s revenue increased from $1.92 million in January to over $120 million in July, representing a 6000% rise.

So, what’s that guilds thing?

First of all, in order to play Axie Infinity users must acquire at least three characters. The price of Axies varies greatly depending on their qualities: the stronger Axie is, the more it’s worth and, accordingly, the greater the probability of winning.

Because the majority of Axie players are from developing countries, the prices can be rather high and out of reach for the majority of them. Yield Guild Games (YGG) founder Dizon spotted an opportunity and began leasing his Axies. The distribution of awards was as follows: 70% to players, 10% to guilds and 20% to community managers.

After Axie Infinity there was a boom of P2E games, where new P2E guilds have risen.

BreederDAO and it’s purpose

The goal of BreederDAO is to facilitate interaction between players and game guilds, which in turn will attract even more people to the industry.

Here’s what BreederDAO says about it:

The advent of Play-To-Earn guilds has given hope to many in emerging markets. We have seen huge amounts of venture funding support this vision. Guilds are now looking to providers like BreederDAO to optimize their asset acquisition so that they can more readily onboard the next billion players to the Metaverse.

BreederDAO optimizes the NFT production process, allowing guilds to scale more quickly, ensuring that access to NFTs is not the limiting factor.

Moreover, BreederDAO will make all of its tools available to the community, allowing individuals and guilds to mass-produce in-game assets on their own.

At the present time BreederDAO partnered with 8+ games, 50+ guilds and supports 100,000+ NFTs.

Smart money sees the potential

As icing on the cake, it’s important to note that BreederDAO was backed by such major market players such as: a16z, Delphi Digital, Com2uS Group, Hashed, Morningstar Ventures, Mechanism Capital and the others.

Also for those who are interested there is great news: BreederDAO is strating a Community Rewards Campaign.

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